Skin Rejuvenation Laser Treatments

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Achieve complete skin rejuvenation using 3 technologies in just 60 days with Laser360.

If you're not ready for a full facelift, but you're no longer satisfied with the results of topical creams and lotions, Laser360 is for you.

Laser360 treatments will improve your skin's color, texture and tone. There are optional additional treatments for surgical scars, acne pitting or sun damage on your chest or hands.

Skin Resurfacing

Laser360 stimulates new collagen to grow, which improves your skin's texture and tone to fight fine lines and wrinkles. It works by creating thousands of microscopic perforations, but the skin around each of these perforations remains intact. This allows the skin's top layer to heal from the edge of these tiny holes very rapidly.

Skin Tightening

Laser360 also firms up any loose skin around your eyes, nose and jaw so you regain a more youthful, contoured appearance. The skin tightening treatment uses near infrared light to create deep heating in your body, which facilitates the skin's remodeling.

Skin Color

And finally, Laser360 eliminates superficial pigmented and vascular marks, evens out your skin color and reduces tiny broken blood vessels. Combining all three technologies will leave you with fresher, smoother, younger looking skin.

Safe and Comfortable

Laser360 treatments are safe, comfortable and effective without injections, surgery or down time. You can expect your skin to be somewhat flushed after the treatment- similar to a mild sunburn. Any mild symptoms should subside in about 48 hours.

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Additional Laser Treatments

Tattoo Removal

With the overwhelming popularity of tattoos over the last ten years, the market for effective removal has exploded. Tattoos are created by injecting colored pigment into small deep holes made in the skin. Regardless of whether a tattoo artist or an untrained individual injects the pigment, the marks or designs are relatively permanent. When people subsequently want their tattoos removed, most physicians today consider laser surgery one of the best methods.

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an effective procedure for those wanting to reduce unwanted hair, or to minimize the frequency of shaving and waxing. There is no downtime and minimal discomfort. This procedure is a safe and simple procedure which works by using pulses of infrared diode laser energy to gradually heat the hair follicles in the subdermal layer of skin until they can no longer produce new hair.

Psoriasis, Vitiliga & Re-Pigmentation


Acne is a common condition characterized by obstructed sebaceous glands, pimples and sometimes deeper cysts or nodules that occur on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and upper arms. Acne begins in adolescence and usually affects most teenagers at some time. However, adults too can suffer with acne. When severe, acne can often result in scarring. Even less severe cases can lead to scarring, if not properly treated.

Vascular Lesions

Nearly 100% of all people have one or more pigmented lesion. Some are caused by sun exposure, others by aging. Still others are congenital. Regardless of the cause, pigmented lesions are simply spots on the skin where there is a higher concentration of melanin. Some lesions are flat; others are raised. In most cases, pigmented lesions are merely a cosmetic concern, but in some cases, they can be an early sign of skin cancer.