UV Free Tanning

Quick, easy and with flawless results, Planet Beach automated spa are unparalleled in the level of service and number of options we provide in UV-Free services. Try one today to achieve a golden glow all of your friends will be envious of.

In today's health and wellness-focused society, UV-Free tanning has become one of our most popular day spa services. UV Free tanning comes in a variety of formats and offers the richness of a glow of traditional tanning without actual time at the beach or under lamps. In some cases, you can drop in get a perfect looking glow in minutes and be out the door for a spectacular evening event.

PB Glow

pb glow tanning system

Introducing the most advanced automated sunless tanning system. Ever!

pbGlow Beauty & GlowSunless System gets you a better tan in less time. From its 4-Minute Tan and Simple Positions to its Comfort Dry Pass and Trinity Mist sprayers, pbGlow has features like no other to give you a tan like no other.

Expect beautiful results and get what you pay for every time. Sky is the limit on treatment options. PB Glow is stocked with PH Balancing Prep, Clear DHA, Bronze DHA and Moisturizer. Mix and match as you like!